Play To Behave  Behavior and Dog Training

with Dr. Carolyn Lincoln
Veterinarian with Special Interest in Behavior
Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviorist
Dog Sports Competitor

The Play To Behave Program

It can be frustrating when you have issues with your dog’s behavior like jumping, pulling on leash, excessive barking, running off and/or not listening to you. Your dog may be sweet and listen most of the time, but those times your dog won’t listen, pile up and sometimes you might wonder if you got the right dog or if you should have a dog at all.

I understand and as a veterinarian for over 30 years and watching so many owners struggle with their puppy or dog, I knew difficult behavior issues could be just as impactful as an illness to a dog’s quality of life. Plus, many times health issues create behavior problems or vice versa. With my background in training and competing in the sport of dog agility, I knew I could help. That’s when I opened Play To Beahave.

Play To Behave is designed to help you with your overexcited, hyper, anxious or fearful dog by preventing the behavior in puppyhood or by helping you with your adolescent or adult dog…

…and by giving your dog a voice.

You will discover how to understand and communicate with your dog so that you can teach the behavior you want, all using positive methods.

If you are a previous member of Play To Behave, note that the program has moved to a new and improved website.

If you would like to join or re-join the program,  to get all the benefits for both you and your dog, please go to the link below learn more:

The Play To Behave Program

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Dr. Carolyn Lincoln

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Dr. Carolyn Lincoln