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Loose Leash Walking

Module 1

Module 1 

2 Videos

In this module, you will work on trust and getting your dog to look to you for direction with 2 exercises. 

  • “Say Please”: If you had to choose just one exercise to do with your dog, this would be the one.This exercise gives structure to your interactions which in turn, makes your dog feel more secure and teaches your dog to look to you for direction. It truly is invaluable. The more you do this with your dog, the more results you will see.
  • Focus Set: This exercise will provide you with some peace of mind. You can have control over your dog without 100% of your attention on your dog, which means you can have a conversation or access a situation while your dog remains engaged by your side. It is automatic behavior for both of you. This can also help provide mental and physical exercise as well as grab your dog’s attention when you need it. For leash walking in particular, you can use this even before you’ve gotten to all the training.

In the next module, you will discover and train other ways to exercise your dog until you can teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash, thus also preventing problem behavior.

Video 1: “Say Please”


Video 2: The Focus Set


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