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Are you frustrated with your dog’s behavior… even though your dog is a sweetheart most of the time?

Get Started for a Well-Behaved, Friendly Dog that Listens

with Dr. Carolyn Lincoln

If you struggle with your dog’s behavior… things like constant barking, jumping up, growling, snapping, or leash pulling can be incredibly frustrating to deal with.

And if you’ve tried traditional dog training to deal with behavior issues, or simply hoped your dog would “grow out of it” as they got older only to be disappointed – you’re not alone.

I understand and am here to help. So get on a call with me, take one of my online courses or set up a one-on-one appointment below.

Dr. Carolyn Lincoln

Veterinarian and Professional Dog Trainer

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Play to Behave Training Courses

Everything You’d Expect From A Dog Training Program Designed Specifically For Owners Who Love Their Dogs!

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Quick Start
Puppy Guide

Train your high energy puppy to listen and behave in less than 5 min per day so you’ll have a puppy your friends and family will love and… so you can have one of life’s best friendships!

Stop The

You can have a peaceful home without interruptions from excessive barking. This training will teach your dog when to bark, when not to bark and to stop when asked.

Keep Your
Dog Calm

You can have a well-behaved dog that everyone loves having around with this online dog training and behavior program. Manage your dog so you can enjoy your friends when they visit!

Improve Your Dogs Behavior

Play To Behave is a proven approach to dog training for improving your dog’s behavior. Take this course to have a well-behaved dog that listens and everyone loves having around. Includes 7 modules

Let’s stop the barking and improve your dog’s behavior together!

I’m here to help…

Growing up, I had an undeniable passion for animal behavior and training. Which lead me to pursue behavior medicine and dog sports, specifically dog agility competition.

Now, I’ve always had high-energy, strong-willed dogs (several of them in fact). So I know exactly what it’s like to deal with dogs that have a tendency to misbehave, not listen… much less obey, and can be anti-social or aggressive.

Because of my love for animals I also became a veterinarian. There was just one problem… while I was able to treat their medical or health issues, many dogs were still at risk of being euthanized due to behavior problems.

And after years of seeing dog owners struggle with common behavior problems that are easily resolved with proper training, I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to help.

In your membership, you will get online video courses and mini-courses to help you improve your dog’s behavior. You’ll get to participate in Training Challenges with the community to help you keep up with your training.

You will also get my support. You can talk to me during Office Hours twice a month and ask your questions in a private facebook group.

This is why I left clinical practice…  to focus on behavior medicine and professional dog training so I could help others, like you, improve your dog’s behavior too.

Dr. Carolyn Lincoln
Veterinarian and Professional Dog Trainer

"I know that improving my dog's behavior requires consistency, but with Carolyn's help, it's manageable, enjoyable and it actually works."

– Rina Orellana

"I have found the Improve your Dogs Behavior modules very helpful! It's funny, I've always known that dogs are intuitive and people pleasers, but your communications lesson opened my eyes. "

– Sophie Ruiz

"Our dogs absolutely adore Dr. Lincoln. Our meetings were the highlight of my week."

– Brianna Halloran

Training Your Dog Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

1. Discover What Really Makes Your Dog Tick

Better understand how your dog thinks and why your dog behaves the way he/she does… so you can communicate in a way your dog understands.

Then you can…

2. Build A Better Connection With Your Dog

Develop a relationship of mutual trust where both you and your dog feel safe and loved. So your dog is responsive and wants to follow your directions.

Which allows you to…

3. Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

Teach your dog the behavior, obedience, and social skills you want them to have. So your dog follows your directions, commands, and understands what behavior is Ok and what’s not.

So you can…

…Enjoy One Of Life’s Best Friendships!

""I said "ah, come here!" and Tucker came running from across the kitchen. I didn't even say it that loud! This is working!"

– Current Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this membership cover all behavior problems?

Yes, the concepts and foundation you need to understand, communicate and build a better relationship with your dog will help you improve any behavior problem, including your dog’s. That includes everything from jumping up on people to destroying the house when you leave.

How do I get access to the training?

As soon as you purchase the membership, you’ll receive an email with details to access your account. From there you’ll be able to log in and immediately start going through the training.

What if I decide to cancel the monthly option?

Your monthly and yearly membership rate will never increase as long as you remain a member and there is no penalty for cancelling at the end of a month for the month-to-month membership or at the end of the year for the yearly membership option. In the yearly option, you are getting two free months.

What age dog is the membership designed for?

The membership is designed to help you with puppies and dogs of all ages.

Are you a "positive trainer"?

YES, I use “positive-based reinforcement”, sometimes also called a “reward-based training.” NO, that doesn’t mean “giving the dog cookies.” It means, reinforcing the right behaviors at the right times in the right ways, so your dog’s behavior improves.

My puppy is aggressive and just bit my friend! Can this help me?

Yes. This training approach will help prevent these types of problems. However, in serious cases you may need additional training to address more serious issues.

Do you ever punish a dog?

In short: No. For a more detailed answer, go here.

"Dr. Lincoln has the well-being of dogs at the top of her list, which helps us better understand and improve our relationship with our dogs, so life is better for all of us."

– Deborah and Mike Edwards